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Ambassador of the Philippines

Ambassador of the Republic of the Philippines visits CFC

H.E. J. Eduardo Malaya, Ambassador of the Republic of the Philippines to the Netherlands, is seen with Managing Director Ambassador Sheikh Mohammed Belal at the Secretariat of the CFC. H.E. J. Eduardo Malaya came to visit CFC, for the first time, to know more about the activities of the CFC and its impact on the ground. As a commodity dependent country, the Philippines, as stated by Amb. Malaya, takes CFC with utmost importance. The Philippines expressed their readiness to do more for their people as well as for all poor people in the region.

Ambassador Malaya was accompanied by Ms. Theresa Milallos Alders, First Secretary and Consul and Ms. Kieren Batiles, Attaché at the Embassy. Ambassador Belal was accompanied by Ms. Annemarie den Tex, Legal Adviser to the Managing Director.

During the discussion, Ambassador Belal briefed Ambassador Malaya on the current as well as probable future initiatives of the CFC. Ambassador Belal requested Ambassador Malaya to help CFC with their success stories and thereby help CFC to improve the format and character of CFC projects. Amb. Belal also requested Amb. Malaya to introduce CFC to potential stakeholders so that CFC could scale up its work globally. Ambassador Belal wished to see more working relations and partnership with the countries in the days to come.

Ambassador Belal also briefed Ambassador Malaya on the ongoing initiative on the formulation of a fund titled CIIF (Commodity Impact Investment Facility) and thereby enabling CFC to contribute more for alleviation of poverty. Once formed, CIIF could also be an avenue for the Philippines to join this impact investment fund as an anchor investor.

Before taking leave, Ambassador Malaya assured that he will do his best to bring good project ideas from his country and the region as well as promoting the idea of impact investment as best as he could. Ambassador Belal urged Ambassador Malaya to disseminate the information with business chambers, Ministries, and enterprises so that qualified SMEs/enterprises could submit quality projects from the Philippines for consideration by the Executive Board of CFC, and to attend potential entrepreneurs from the Philippines to attend the CFC webinar sessions arranged for potential applicants to the CFC call for proposals.

Ambassador Belal assured to pursue more innovative outreaches in the days to come to make the services of CFC available to as many people as possible in the commodity dependent developing world, with a heightened sense of innovations and creativity.

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