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CFC’s outreach for reduced carbon and water footprint: An insightful conversation with Yopla

On Thursday, 7th of March 2024, the Managing Director of Common Fund for Commodities (CFC), Ambassador Sheikh Mohammad Belal, had an insightful meeting with Purvi Sankhla, the visionary founder of Yopla, a sustainability-oriented startup committed to automating healthy and sustainable grocery planning. Yopla's innovative approach integrates artificial intelligence (AI), data-driven decision-making, and partnerships to promote conscious food choices without compromising taste.

Recently, in the agri-commodity sector, discussions surrounding the carbon and water footprints of agricultural commodities are gaining momentum. This not only poses challenges to the livelihoods of small farmers feeding the world's population but also questions the sustainability of agri-commodities. Yopla addresses these pressing issues with a mission to put healthy and sustainable living on autopilot mode by leveraging user preferences, science, and climate impact calculations to generate personalized recipe and grocery plans. This approach aids in budget planning, reduces food waste, and increases sustainability impacts.

During the discussion Ms. Sankhla shared that, Yopla introduces a groundbreaking climate label for food services, rating food based on global standards and assigning a rating in 'pinecones.' This empowers consumers to make sustainable choices by considering factors like ingredient origin and the environmental impact of the entire supply chain. Utilizing AI, Yopla integrates sustainability into daily food choices by collecting data on food and the entire supply chain. The resulting sustainability index, accessible through the climate label for food services, empowers consumers to make informed decisions. Yopla's innovative use of AI technology streamlines the process of making sustainable food choices, helping consumers understand the environmental impact of their decisions. 

Moreover, with Yopla's initiatives extended to agricultural sustainability as well, focusing on data-driven sustainability, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, CFC is encouraged to align our mutual synergies for a climate friendly future. 

Yopla's use of AI to collect data on food and supply chains can provide valuable insights for the CFC in understanding the environmental impact of different commodities. This data-driven approach can aid the CFC in assessing the sustainability of projects along commodity value chains.

Encouraging exposure to innovations like Yopla, it is hoped, will help CFC to leverage cutting-edge technologies and approaches, thereby enhancing the impact of projects aimed at poverty alleviation through commodity value chains. With shared knowledge and expertise, both organizations can explore synergies that not only promote sustainability but also foster economic growth and social development within the agricultural sector.

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