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Pioneering the Rainforest Alliance certification of cashew in Mozambique

ETG & Beyond Beans recently proudly announced the introduction of the world’s first Rainforest Alliance certified cashew.  The pioneering effort benefits approximately 5,000 smallholder farmers in Mozambique and has been set up in collaboration with the AATIF Technical Assistance Facility, managed by the Common Fund for Commodities.  

The project not only aims to transform sourcing models in the cashew sector through the introduction of the Rainforest Alliance certification, but also contributes to a wider sector improvement by introducing high-performance farm management systems, introducing new varieties, planting trees, exploring ways of carbon sequestration, experimenting with biochar application and training farmers in good agricultural practices. Ultimately, it is envisioned to result in improved cashew tree productivity and increased farmer income. 

Raw Cashew Nuts are sorted by size before mechanical dehulling.  Photo credit: AATIF TA Facility Manager

The AATIF Technical Assistance Facility's involvement underscores the commitment to transparent and scalable sustainability standards, connecting farmers to retail and consumer markets, and fostering positive environmental impacts.

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