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For more than 25 years, CFC has financed development projects. The multi-country dimension of the project financing mechanism and commodity initiatives undertaken by the Fund and its partners has proven to be the most suitable approach to improve overall problems and challenges in commodity sector in Member-Countries.

Replicable project outcomes and dissemination products mainly address issues such as: market access and development; agro-processing; product competitiveness; infrastructure; marketing and access to finance, among other related activities within the commodity sector.

Open Call for Proposals

Funding innovation, making a difference

Any projects seeking financial support from the CFC must be submitted through the Open Call for Proposal under the applicable procedure. The detailed instructions and application forms can be found on the Call for Proposals page.
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Upscaling Coffee Flour Production Plant of Sanam, Colombia

CFC funded this project in Colombia in order to be part of creating  a unique example of both recycling the waste as well as producing value added premium products. Founded in 2007,  SANAM is a coffee flour production company in Colombia….

Fruits and spices Madagascar – Working Capital

CFC is working in Madagascar with a local business, SCRIMAD, to fund value chain upgradation for their organic fruits and spices. SCRIMAD is a company located in Madagascar and focused on aggregating and processing organic fruit and spices from local farming cooperatives, for export to Asian, European, and North American markets.

Startup of Innovative Agriculture Finance Company for Cocoa, Philippines

The CFC will provide funds to Kennemer Foods International, a specialized finance company, to support local farmers with loans to establish cocoa farming in the Philippines…

Kupanua Project – Asili Farms Ltd., Uganda

Asili Farms, a fully-mechanized farming company, manages dual-season production of high quality maize and soybeans….

Sustainable Cocoa & Coffee Production

The Asháninka people of the Ene River live in remote forest villages in one…

Projects Overview

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Guidelines for Operations of the CFC

Vision and Mission of the CFC:

The CFC will contribute to

  1. Social and economic development,
  2. Access to food, and
  3. Integration of Developing Countries with international and regional markets through sustainable value addition to commodities and related value chains in a transparent manner.
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Rules and Regulations for the Financial Operations of the CFC

The CFC Agreement and corresponding Regulations and Rules have been amended by the Governing Council in its 26th Meeting held on 10 December 2014. As decided by the Governing Council In the 29th Meeting held on the 6 December 2016, the amendments to the Agreement will enter into force on 10 January 2018 with the possibility of a further extension to be granted by the Council if requested by Members. Until that time the CFC operates under interim provisions which generally correspond to the those contained in the amendments. The documents below represent the regulations and rules of the CFC as amended.