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CFC Response to COVID-19 pandemic

CFC Response to COVID 19 pandemic – update 26 November 2021

What is Common Fund for Commodities (CFC) doing about the coronavirus outbreak?

Responding to the ongoing pandemic of Coronavirus, COVID-19, the Common Fund for Commodities (CFC) has adopted several measures based on most recent guidelines announced by the Government of the Netherlands. The new measures are effective as of 13 November 2021. At the same time the CFC endeavors to keep up to date with all of the changing guidelines globally, with a specific focus in its Member Countries. When the World Health Organization categorized the spread of the virus as a pandemic, it became incumbent on all of us to be innovative in adopting appropriate measures.

These measures pertain to contingency staffing, working from home and quickly adapting to virtual meetings etc. However, the CFC as an organization that is devoted to the socioeconomic development of commodity producers, remains acutely aware of its enhanced duties at this time of pandemic. We are focusing on providing all necessary support to our projects partners assisting them to remain on course during this challenging time. The CFC is working hard to remain in contact with the project implementing authorities, providing support to minimize the impact of COVID-19, whenever possible.

Internally, staff are advised to observe all COVID-19 related protocols such as social distancing, washing hands regularly, working from home as much as possible and staying at home when unwell. The CFC has implemented these measures to minimize the risks of transmission of this virus and to offer staff a safe working environment should they choose to work from the office. All reasonable measures are taken to protect CFC staff and its clients, while minimizing the impact of the outbreak on the implementation of the CFC’s activities in 2020 and beyond. We currently operate at full capacity with most work being done from home in the virtual “cloud office” of the CFC.

The CFC Member States were duly informed and updated about these measures during 70th Executive Board Meeting and the 32nd Governing Council Meeting which were held, virtually, on 1 October 2020 and 9 December 2020 resp.

In the meantime, the CFC would like to highlight the essential nature of enhanced global cooperation to keep commodity supply chains as minimally impacted as possible, which is at the center of the CFC’s mission as an UN affiliated International Financial Organization.

On 23 June 2020, the Executive Board of the CFC approved the establishment of the Emergency Liquidity Facility under the authority of the Managing Director which will assist qualifying companies to cover the need for additional working capital caused by the pandemic.

The CFC will continue its quest to keep itself in a state of readiness so that resiliency in the supply chain continues when lockdown restrictions imposed due to COVID-19 begin to ease. We will have to work in unity and with solidarity with all our partners and peers to emerge with as few disruptions as possible, while taking note of the positive silver linings, such as increased network preparedness and the increased familiarity with online business connectivity between the developing and developed world and to tweak, where appropriate, our work in the future.

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